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K-Star Academy provides fun Musical Theatre Classes to help hone skills in Dance, Singing & Acting specific to theatre

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Musical Theatre Classes

Musical theatre classes are a combination of dialogue, acting, dancing and singing. Our class allows for students to become well rounded in their dance training by learning adjunct skills to improve their overall performance and style. Musical Theatre will focus on various styles of dance techniques, facial expression, performance skills with an introduction to voice coaching. Whether your kid loves to put on a performance or simply shows an interest in all things theatre, our Musical Theatre Classes are perfect for all students.


These classes are taught by Garda vetted industry professionals who will bring your kids through all the basics when it comes to musical theatre, encompassing singing, dancing, and acting lessons through fun and teamwork-based activities. These classes are available for kids and teens aged 4-18, with classes available throughout the week across North Dublin.

During the school term, we work on preparing an end-of-year show where students can perform to an audience and get a taste of what it’s like to sing, dance, and act on-stage.

What You Can Expect From Our Musical Theatre Classes

Expand repertoire of various styles of dance steps.

  •  Learn proper vocalization techniques to improve breathing technique and vocal power.
  •  Expand on basic acting and performance skills.
  •  Improve personal expression through voice, acting and emotional projection.

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Musical Theatre Class Timetable

Musical Theatre Classes FAQ

  • What are musical theatre classes?

    Musical Theatre Classes are performing arts classes that encompass singing, dancing, and acting for students. During these classes, students will build the basic skills in all things performing arts before developing these skills deeper throughout the year with regular classes and an end-of-year show.

  • How old does my child have to be to attend a musical theatre class?

    K-Star offers classes to children aged from 4 years old. Classes are arranged by age.

  • Are there any exams as part of your musical theatre classes?

    Students can avail of exams accredited by the Irish Board of Speech & Drama, but this is completely optional and no student is forced to do exams.