Covid-19 Policies and Procedures

Covid-19 release form can be found here.

K-Star Academy is committed to safeguarding children, staff, parents and all visitors to our various locations. Since the covid-19 pandemic, a list of policies and procedures have been designed and written, in accordance with both government and HSE guidelines, to ensure that we do our utmost to help stop the spread of the virus and provide a safe and fully compliant space for children, staff, parents and visitors alike.

The following policies will outline the role of management, teachers, students, parents and visitors to the academy in relation to the policies we all must follow. We will have procedures in place to ensure these policies are met and procedures put in place to follow in the event of an emergency.

Unless otherwise specifically stated, the procedures below will be in place throughout all of our locations and venues.



Donabate students:

All students will be dropped off and picked up from the car park outside the parish hall. No parents will be permitted to come into the parish hall.

Ongar and Tyrrelstown students:

We will be following the guidelines from the community centres which will be communicated to you prior to your child coming to K-Star.

Gaelscoil An Chuilinn students:

Students will be directed by their teachers to the hall for class. Parents must wait outside for their child to be returned to them by a member of K-Star staff.

If there are any questions in advance of dropping your child off or collecting them, please contact Karen on 0831556997.

Hand sanitiser will be provided but it is advised that you do pack a small hand sanitiser for your child. The wearing of masks is optional. Teachers will be wearing ppe.

If a younger student is joining us for the first time, we will liaise directly with their parents in advance and, if necessary, we will suggest they be dropped to class ahead of time in order to meet their teacher from their car before the start of class. As much as is possible, we want to eliminate the need for parents entering the premises.

We want our students to have as much fun as possible during their time with us but we have to follow the guidelines so there are a few rules we had to put in place,


  1. Students may only bring one drinks bottle (easily opened by themselves), along with any items of PPE or personal hand sanitation. Parents are asked to take jackets/hats, scarves or any items that are not necessary for the duration of their stay with us.
  2. Materials needed for class such as drama scripts or props will be supplied for each child so they will not share with anyone else.
  3. The room that we will work in whether we will take class inside or outside will be pre-measured and outlined with coloured circles. Students will be allocated a circle at the beginning of class and also their own chair which will be their space for the duration, to allow for strict social distancing. There will also be a taped off teachers area at the front where students are not permitted.
  4. Unless absolutely necessary, students will not be assisted in tying open shoe laces. As a result, we encourage parents to ensure students can tie their own laces or wear Velcro or slip on shoes.
  5. If a student wants to remove an item of clothing we encourage them to do so themselves.
  6. If a student falls or becomes injured during class time, they will be helped by a designated member of staff with as little close contact as possible. If appropriate, PPE will be worn by the staff member while aiding the child.
  7. At the end of the class, students will be lined up in accordance with social distancing guidelines and brought to the pick up point by a member of K-Star staff. Parents/guardians will be asked to wait at the pick up point until their child is returned to them to you one by one.
    *Students will not be permitted to be dropped off in advance of their class times.
  8. Between each camp session, all chairs, floors and coloured circles as well as all relevant door handles and surfaces are cleaned and sprayed with disinfectant. The cleaning of the building as a whole is a responsibility of the management of the premises we rent from but K-Star Academy will work in conjunction with the different premises to ensure all areas we utilize are completely clean.
  9. Doors, as far as possible, will now remain open throughout class time, in order to minimize the use of door handles.
  10. No mobile phones will be allowed in class. If a student needs to bring a phone, for any reason, it must be kept in a zip locked bag and will not be permitted during class time.
  11. If a student looks unwell or begins to show any symptoms of Covid-19 throughout a class, they will be removed and isolated in another room or outdoor space, ensuring the risk of spreading the infection is minimized. A member of K-Star staff will remain with them at a distance of 2 metres. The emergency contact will be notified and they will be sent home.
  12. All parents will be notified of this via text. We actively encourage parents to keep students home if they are feeling unwell. K-Star Academy reserves the right to refuse admittance to any student deemed to be unwell.
  13. In any case that a student is suspected of having contracted Covid-19 and is isolated during class time, any tissues /wipes they may have will be double bag and stored for 72 hrs before being disposed of, in accordance to the HSE guidelines. The room utilized by said student will be thoroughly cleaned before the start of the next class.
  14. Parents are encouraged to inform us if a student begins to show symptoms of covid-19 at any stage so other parents can be notified by text. The student or teacher in question will never be named.
  15. Bathroom: We would actively encourage students to use the bathroom at home before coming to class and try to eliminate the use of the bathroom while with us. In the event that one of our younger students needs the use of the bathroom they will be accompanied by a member of K-Star as per normal regulations. Students will not be assisted in the bathroom at any stage, therefore it is imperative that students are fully competent in all aspects of using the toilet, are appropriately dressed that they will not require help and can effectively wash their hands by themselves. A note of who used the bathroom along with the member of K-Star staff who accompanied them will be kept during each class to allow for contact tracing.
  16. It is extremely important to me moving forward to communicate with parents more than ever. I want parents to feel like we have done everything possible to make their children safe.
  17. Each class will be going over the new rules each week until it becomes the ‘new normal’. For right now, most of this goes against our human nature but our kids will adapt quickly and so will we.


Any questions on any of the above please do get in touch,

With thanks,

Karen Tynan

K-Star Academy