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K-Star is delighted to offer students an opportunity to be a part of their agency and be seen by top casting directors in Ireland.

This allows students to be seen by in-demand industry casting directors for various roles, such as T.V. adverts and short films. It also gives students a taste of what it is like to work within the performing arts industry.


Who will be my child’s agent?
I, Karen, the founder of K-Star Academy, will be your child's agent. I will look after all of the scheduling, plus the fees for the job if they get booked. When your child books a job, agency commission fees apply. 
I would like to add that students should view any professional work as a bonus and auditions as a valuable life skill experience. 

Our agency services include information about working in the performing arts on a professional basis as well as practical advice on interview prep, audition prep, and succeeding in the industry as a whole. We work with leading film and TV production teams across Dublin to help connect students with professionals in the industry to get their performance career off the ground.


*It must be noted that K-Star has no influence over Casting decisions made by Directors and we cannot guarantee that every child sent for an audition will be booked for a job.
For more information on how to join our agency, please contact Karen by email or phone 0831556997

Some of our credits include:

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